MOCHICA, Pérou, 100-500 ap. J.-C.

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250 - 350 CHF
MOCHICA, Pérou, 100-500 ap. J.-C.
Double vase representing a character, 18 x 12 x 19 cm. This double vase is remarkably decorated. On the front part of the work, the representation of a character is facing us. His face is finely detailed, revealing round eyes, a pointed nose and a smiling mouth. This figure wears tombas (earrings) topped by a headdress in the shape of an owl's ear. A necklace made up of six oval ornaments decorates his neck. The arms are detached from the necklace and show the fingers in a figurative way. The shape of the vase gives the figure a round and plump belly. This belly is itself decorated with a set of curved lines finely carved to reveal geometric shapes. The back of this character is attached to the second part of the vase. The two inner sides are attached to each other, revealing rectangular shapes composed of circles. On the second part of this vase, the back side shows the representation of four birds, topped by what seems to be a fish. These drawings are grouped in a rectangular frame in relief, decorated with geometric shapes. Deposits of soil are visible between the grooves and engravings. The work is well preserved and shows no cracks or deterioration due to prolonged burial.
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