COLIMA, Mexique, 100 av. -250 ap. J.-C.

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800 - 1000 CHF
COLIMA, Mexique, 100 av. -250 ap. J.-C.
Seated shaman, 17 x 17 x 17 cm, terracotta. The head is decorated with a frontal horn. The mouth is marked by a fine incision. The nose and the eyes are asymmetrical. The eyes are engraved in the shape of an almond. It is adorned with a necklace. The hands are placed on the shins. The legs are small, bent and spread out. At the back of the top of the head, a hole in the form of a neck has been made to allow the steam from the cooking to escape. The body is round and decorated with red-brown-orange paint. The transcendental expression of the face and the static position of this shaman symbolize his access to the invisible world. The artist has succeeded in perfectly transcribing the mixture of strength and serenity that emanates from the character. The sitting position is one of the characteristic representations of the shamanic activity: it is a sign of wisdom and balance
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