COLIMA, Mexique, 100 av. - 250 ap. J.-C.

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1000 - 1500 CHF
COLIMA, Mexique, 100 av. - 250 ap. J.-C.
Lying dog, 32 x 11 x 10.5 cm, terracotta. With its supine posture, this dog shows explicitly that it is unprotected. The backward ears and the legs bent inwards, surely indicate that he is in a submissive position. The artist has certainly represented a dog being reprimanded. The teeth are detailed by fine incisions, the eyes are hollowed out. The belly of the plump dog. This work has a large tubular neck, modelled by the ceramist on the dog's hindquarters. The function of this opening was to allow air to escape during firing to prevent the clay from breaking. One of the hind legs is broken
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