MICHOACAN, Mexique, 400 - 100 av. J.-C.

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50 - 100 CHF
MICHOACAN, Mexique, 400 - 100 av. J.-C.
Standing figure, 10 x 4 x 2 cm, terracotta. The head is surmounted by a headdress formed by a striped band surmounted by circles. The almond-shaped eyes are raised. The right nose is long and the nostrils are pierced. The open mouth has hemmed lips. It is adorned with large circular earrings. The arms are thin, folded towards the chest. Between 400 and 200 B.C., the Michoacán culture developed in the state of the same name, west of the Mexican altiplano. It is renowned for its artistic production in terracotta with a great finesse of execution and full of life. This standing woman, by the meticulousness of the details, the use of pastillage and the fineness of the incised motifs, illustrates perfectly the mastery of this technique. The artist has played on the voluptuous lines of the body to convey to us a vision of the woman full of sensuality and elegance
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