MOCHICA, Pérou, 100 - 500 ap. J.-C.

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1500 - 2000 CHF
MOCHICA, Pérou, 100 - 500 ap. J.-C.
Stirrup vase representing a character holding an animal, 16 x 12 x 13 cm, terracotta. This stirrup vase represents a seated figure holding an animal in his hands. The character is dressed in a poncho recognizable by its beige color. His face, hands and feet are decorated with a different colouring evoking the colour of his skin. Large earrings are visible and have decorations in the form of a rounded cross. His face is particularly realistic. The outline of his eyes, nose and lips are finely incised. The animal that this character is holding in his hands seems to be a dog or a coatimundi. The animal's four legs, tail, eyes and ears are visible. The stirrup handle is located on the back of the figure and has a circular neck.
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