MEZCALA, GUERRERO, Mexique, 350-100 av. J.-C.

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6000 - 8000 CHF
MEZCALA, GUERRERO, Mexique, 350-100 av. J.-C.
Standing figure, M10, h. 23.5 cm. This slender figure stands on long legs. It is distinguished by its beautiful proportions, its streamlined silhouette and the quality of its stone, which has a beautiful green patina. His conical head is very elongated. Its geometric body is punctuated by grooves, furrows and sharp edges. The head forms a point with a rounded top. The face is defined by the horizontal superciliary arches and by the bridge of the nose leading to the mouth, which is represented by a long flat line leading to the chin. As in many Mezcala sculptures, the eyes are not figured but created by the advancing arch of the eyebrows and the shadow cast by the relief on the stone. The bust is rectangular. The upper part of the arms is not sculpted. Only the forearms are suggested by two diagonal incisions on the lower belly, converging towards the abdomen. The lower part of the bust is marked by a slight protrusion. Underneath, the slender legs are separated from each other. Tapered, they visually support the whole sculpture. A deep cut marks the crotch
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