TLATICO, Mexique, 1150-600 av. J.-C.

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TLATICO, Mexique, 1150-600 av. J.-C.
Calliptic Venus, h. 11.5 cm. Standing on her two legs, in a frontal position, this terracotta woman has a singular physique characteristic of the callipygic figurines of the Tlatilco tradition, a very ancient style located around the eponymous site in the Mexico City basin. Her cone-shaped head is flat, except for the nose, which is displayed in the center of the face. She wears a headdress engraved with striations and matched with a circular element in the centre. Her superciliary arches form two horizontal, prominent lines. The elongated eyes are characterized by a thin rim in slight relief and by a pierced pupil. The mouth, similar in shape to the eyes, is half-open and discreet. The sides of the face are straight and the ears are not clearly sculpted, only their lobes have been pierced, perhaps to accommodate ornaments. The face rests on a very broad neck that gives this woman a bulky appearance, especially since her arms, positioned horizontally, are very short and consist of two stumps. The waist, on the other hand, is high and clear. Then follow generous hips and beautiful thighs in the shape of pears typical of Tlatilco figures. Shapes that are worth being considered as Venus, probably served in the context of rites related to fertility
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