CHUPICUARO, Mexique, 500-300 ap. J.-C

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1000 - 2000 CHF
CHUPICUARO, Mexique, 500-300 ap. J.-C
Standing woman h. 10 cm. This woman comes from the region of Chupicuaro, a site in the state of Guanajuato, dated to the end of the pre-classical period, which extended its influence over part of western and central Mexico in the centuries preceding our era, playing an important role in the development of this cultural territory. She is carrying a child, whom she is embracing with her left arm. The child has the same physiognomy as his mother, namely a thin face with a prominent pointed nose, framed by large ears that are presumably adorned with circular ornaments, with "simplistic" eyes and mouth, formed by one or more small round holes. The top of the head is flat and the skull seems very broad, perhaps the result of a ritual deformation. The woman's headdress is embellished with a braid placed on a thin headband, inlaid with circular decorations in orange and cream. The mother's and child's faces are decorated with beige and orange decorations, reminiscent of facial paintings. The woman is naked. Her round breasts contrast with the flatness of her body, with no other details. The right arm is slender and extended at an angle to the side, while the left arm clasps and holds the child against her hip, in a reclining position. The legs are very short and wide apart and the crotch forms a trapezoid. This woman probably represents a goddess of fertility who was summoned for agrarian rites and rites in homage to Mother Earth.
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