VERACRUZ, Mexique, 450-750 ap. J.-C.

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1200 - 1500 CHF
VERACRUZ, Mexique, 450-750 ap. J.-C.
Seated figure, h. 16.5 cm, certificate Jean and Huguette RAMIE, 05/07/91. This figure obviously represents a dignitary, judging by his sophisticated headdress and earrings, perhaps a shaman in meditation. The head represents almost half of the statuette. The triangular and interiorized face is characterized by fine eyes, simply signified by two slight linear and horizontal marks. The nose is small and protruding and the mouth is marked by a horizontal indentation. The pointed chin hides the neck and the ear drums hide the shoulders. The bust is extremely short. The loincloth is held at the waist by a wide belt that reaches almost to the armpits. The garment falls between the legs, which are as thin as sticks and spread wide. The arms and legs have been made and added to the body using the colombin technique. The figure appears to be kneeling. The ceremonial headdress is composed of two flared outgrowths that could be the representation of feathers, separated by two balls located in the center of the head. The forehead is encircled by a thin band or strap that probably serves to hold it in place.
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