VALDIVIA, Equateur, 3000-2500 av. J.-C.

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800 - 1000 CHF
VALDIVIA, Equateur, 3000-2500 av. J.-C.
Standing woman, h. 7 cm, certificate Galeria de Arte Metropolitan, 08/1992. This figure represents a woman, produced by the Valdivia culture, established in Ecuador three thousand years before Christ. The face is hidden under an imposing headdress, as women of the time apparently wore according to their social rank. The surface of this headdress, similar to an imposing helmet, is grooved and the edge forms a bead framing the recessed face. The eyes and mouth are small oval holes made in the still damp earth. The volume of the breasts and the slender arms can be seen on the upper part of the bust, which meet on the abdomen, forming a harmonious semicircle. The belly and the legs are one and the absence of an indentation at the level of the hips gives the impression that they are endless. The body is covered with remains of red paint, which attests to the care given to this work and its importance in the cults and rites of the time.
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