MEZCLA, Guerrero, Mexique, 350-100 av. J.- C.

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4000 - 5000 CHF
MEZCLA, Guerrero, Mexique, 350-100 av. J.- C.
Standing figure, M18, h. 20.5 cm, certificate Galerie Mermoz in Paris, 13/11/1992. This magnificent figure illustrates the ingenuity and sensitivity of the Mezcala sculptors from the Guerrero region in southwest Mexico. Carved in a beautiful green rock, considered precious because it is symbolically linked to water, fertility and rebirth, this piece was probably part of a group of offerings buried under houses or in ceremonial centres. The top of the skull is rough and the shape of the head suggests a ritual deformation of the skull. The two prominent superciliary arches mark the bottom of the forehead. Their relief creates a shadow that gives depth to the gaze, as the eyes are not represented. The mouth is identified by an angular notch. The ears are not clearly represented, but can be guessed through the protrusions visible at the level of the temples. The cheeks are flat and crossed by a diagonal groove. The massive jaw is shaped like an arc. The head rests on a broad neck. The shoulders are very narrow and the arms are attached to the rectangular chest. The legs are conical and particularly short. Without visible feet, they are separated by a deep cut
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