MEZCALA, GUERRERO, Mexique 350-100 av. J.-C.

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4000 - 5000 CHF
MEZCALA, GUERRERO, Mexique 350-100 av. J.-C.
Standing figure, M10, h. 22 cm. This enigmatic sculpture is a very fine example of Mezcala lithic art, recognizable by its geometric and minimalist appearance. Carved in a beautiful green stone, it was probably part of a group of ritual offerings, buried under a dwelling or in a votive cache, intended to pay homage to the ancestors and communicate with the spirits of other worlds, invisible to our eyes. The head is flat and oval. The skull is rounded. The superciliary arches are straight and slightly raised. The eyes are not figured and the nose is barely perceptible, consisting of a discreet ridge at the junction of the two flat cheeks. The mouth is wide and polished. It occupies almost the entire bottom of the face, accentuating its expressive force. The chin is short and forward. The shoulders are narrow and sloping. The torso is high and rectangular, a projection in the lower abdomen marks the border with the legs. The artist has not detailed the arms. The forearms, on the other hand, are sculpted in relief, folded over the abdomen, converging towards the solar plexus in a gesture of contemplation. The legs are wide and short in proportion to the rest of the body, separated from each other by a deep cut. The feet are not represented, nor are the hands.
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