MOCHICA, Pérou, 450-750 ap. J.-C.

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1200 - 1500 CHF
MOCHICA, Pérou, 450-750 ap. J.-C.
Stirrup vase, 22 x 13.5 x 20 cm. Vase in bichrome terracotta, representing a supernatural being. This character is sitting cross-legged and wearing a poncho. His face is well detailed and zoomorphic in nature. He is wearing a triangular hat. His detailed eyes reveal his eyebrows and facial features. His muzzle seems to be that of a wild animal, probably a monkey. He wears thick earrings symbolizing an important person in society. His thick and open mouth gives us the impression that he is smiling. His teeth are perfect, represented by precise striations. His poncho is decorated with spiral geometric shapes evoking conches, waves, the ocean current or the circular movements of water. His hands hold ceremonial instruments, circular in shape
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